Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, it must be Kyrgyzstan!

Hello my young travellers!

Have you been doing what I asked you? Did you figure out where Mr Albert was going to be next?

This one is a tough one to pronounce, and we will try with Miss Gallagher's help.


And right now, I am all the way up north by Bishkek. Do you know why there is a star near the city Bishkek? 

That's right! Because it is the Capital of Kyrgystan.

It's pretty cold up here already, and they have beautiful mountains here too.

Unfortunately, I won't have time to climb up in them because I have to stay near the airport until I can get an airplane to fly me to my next spot.

Guess what?

Even I don't know where that might be! So don't worry if I don't write to you for a few days, I will be extra careful and try not to get in trouble.  That way Miss Gallagher won't make me stand in the corner in a time out!

Remember, always think before you do something and be smart!

Love to everyone!
Mr Albert

Mr. Albert A Rasch