Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, it must be Kyrgyzstan!

Hello my young travellers!

Have you been doing what I asked you? Did you figure out where Mr Albert was going to be next?

This one is a tough one to pronounce, and we will try with Miss Gallagher's help.


And right now, I am all the way up north by Bishkek. Do you know why there is a star near the city Bishkek? 

That's right! Because it is the Capital of Kyrgystan.

It's pretty cold up here already, and they have beautiful mountains here too.

Unfortunately, I won't have time to climb up in them because I have to stay near the airport until I can get an airplane to fly me to my next spot.

Guess what?

Even I don't know where that might be! So don't worry if I don't write to you for a few days, I will be extra careful and try not to get in trouble.  That way Miss Gallagher won't make me stand in the corner in a time out!

Remember, always think before you do something and be smart!

Love to everyone!
Mr Albert

Mr. Albert A Rasch

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where in the World is Mr Albert Now?

Hello Children!

Let's see... where did I say I was going?

Where you able to guess? Let's take a look at the map again. Miss Gallagher will help you find Europe, and then Asia. Right between those two continents is Turkey. Do you see how it is like a bridge? What are the names of the two seas above and below Turkey?

On the North Western end of Turkey, right where the water cuts through, is where Istanbul is!

Sultan Ahmed Mosque "The Blue Mosque"
How many minarets do you see?

I'm only staying here for a few hours, and then it is off to another new and strange place!

Would you be scared of traveling to new and different places? Can you tell Miss Gallagher about a place that you think might be different and maybe a little scary? Don't forget to let me know and maybe I'll be going there!

When I get to my next stop, I'll be landing in a landlocked country in Central Asia, bordering Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Try to find it!

Remember, mind your manners and be good!

Lots of Love!
Mr Albert

Mr. Albert A Rasch
WWLR Postal
APO AE 09354

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let's Start Traveling!

Where's Mr Albert Now?

Hello Children!

My friends and I have started our flight and I am off on my new adventure!

By the time you and Miss Gallagher read this, I should be somewhere near Chicago, Illinois. Hey that reminds me, who do you know comes from Chicago?

That is right! President Obama comes from Chicago.

When I get to Chicago, I'll be changing planes, and then I am going to another city. The flight will be ten hours long! It is an ancient city that is the bridge between two continents. Do you know which city it is?

How about a hint? It sits astride the Bosphorus Straights, and used to be called Constantinople. Can you figure out which one it might be? I'm not telling you right now, but look at the map and see where it might be, and I'll send you an e-mail from there as soon as I land.

I'm having lots of fun, and I'll be thinking about each and every one of you the whole year I am away!

Remember, be mindful of Miss Gallagher, respect your parents, study hard, and some day you too can travel around the world!

Lots of Love to you all!
Mr. Albert

Mr. Albert A Rasch
WWLR Postal
APO AE 09354