Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, it must be Kyrgyzstan!

Hello my young travellers!

Have you been doing what I asked you? Did you figure out where Mr Albert was going to be next?

This one is a tough one to pronounce, and we will try with Miss Gallagher's help.


And right now, I am all the way up north by Bishkek. Do you know why there is a star near the city Bishkek? 

That's right! Because it is the Capital of Kyrgystan.

It's pretty cold up here already, and they have beautiful mountains here too.

Unfortunately, I won't have time to climb up in them because I have to stay near the airport until I can get an airplane to fly me to my next spot.

Guess what?

Even I don't know where that might be! So don't worry if I don't write to you for a few days, I will be extra careful and try not to get in trouble.  That way Miss Gallagher won't make me stand in the corner in a time out!

Remember, always think before you do something and be smart!

Love to everyone!
Mr Albert

Mr. Albert A Rasch

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Scott said...


Are you an Ostrich which hides his head of the truth. Please Chuckie, be careful of your Ostrich attitude, it may contaminate the kids from knowing the truth of what our great imperfect nation does for less lucky [oppressed] people. This wonderful country[with Albert type people] stands tall to help those who are oppressed. We live in a country that helps others, like all good children and people should do.. I fear Chuckie you have forgotten where we came from not so many years ago with many pictures of ships in the Boston Harbor willing to take our freedom away in the name of a king, what did we do Chuckie, we stopped them, because we were proud and stood tall where others could not.. How soon we forget Chuckie..How soon we forget..